Astha comes to know Shlok is innocent in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Astha always regarded Shlok to be responsible for her dad getting arrested by the police in a fraud case. After Shlok showed his real face to her on their marriage night, Astha’s trust has shaken up and she thinks Shlok is always wrong. Astha and Shlok were coming closer to each other. But thanks to Abhay, who created a rift between them that led them to file a divorce. Astha asks for divorce while Shlok denies to give it as it will ruin his dad’s name in the society. Niranjan asks Shlok to agree for the divorce and then he will ask the family court judge for a favor, that’s not to grant them divorce.

It happens as Niranjan planned. The judge does not grant them divorce and asks them to stay together for six months. Astha has to agree against her will. Kalindi gets more worried for Astha and wishes to stay with her in Agnihotri mansion. Astha pacifies her and asks her not to worry about her as she has grown up and can take care of herself well. Astha uses the guest room to stay in, rather than staying with Shlok in his room. Anjali by all means, tries hard to make Astha shift back to Shlok’s room.

Niranjan wants Anjali to make Astha her shadow. Niranjan’s Guru visits them and blesses Astha. He tells Anjali that Astha is truly like her. Niranjan is on cloud nine hearing that. Niranjan offers 50% partnership in Shlok’s company to Astha. This shocks Shlok as he has to share every decision with Astha. Astha does not want to take the share in the company and refuses it to Niranjan. Niranjan insists and plans to make Astha stay in his house forever by bringing her closer to Shlok in these coming six months.

Astha joins Shlok’s office and acts responsible. Shlok tries to make Astha not balance her household work and office work. He creates hurdles for her to trouble her. Astha succeeds and surpasses every hurdle. She shows him what a woman can do if she wants. Shlok challenges her to work hard and show him what she is capable of. Niranjan asks Anjali to free Astha of the household work and let her work only in the office as it can bring her closer to Shlok.

The family has a Ganpati puja. Astha and Shlok are asked to do it. Sojal being the elder daughter in law of the house, is angry knowing this that no one values her. Sojal tries her best to outdo Astha infront of Guru ji and the puja. She plays dirty games like changing Astha’s saree with a gown and adding sleeping tablets in the milk glass. Sojal fails in her attempts and Astha wins Niranjan’s trust again by being the ideal bahu of the Agnihotris.

Shlok and Astha are always having ego problems. Even then, they get closer while working in the office. Astha starts feeling for Shlok again. Though she tries to control her feelings as she knows Shlok does not love her and does not respect her feelings. Shlok makes fun of Astha which annoys her. Astha falls on Shlok and they get closer. Soon, Shlok distances himself from her like a perfect and decent man would do in such times. Astha knows that Shlok has never crossed his limits and respects him for that.

Astha comes to Shlok and hears him talking on phone with his assistant Suresh. She comes to know that Shlok did not frame her head in the fraud case. She thinks she was badly mistaken and has scolded Shlok a lot for the mistake that he has not done. She feels bad and informs the same to Kalindi. She changes her opinion about Shlok and thinks her love for Shlok was not wrong. Shlok wants to know the person who has framed Avdhoot in the fraud case. Suresh tells him that Abhay is the one who called Shinde taking his name. Shlok does not believe this and asks Suresh to find out again.

What will Shlok do when Abhay’s truth comes out? Will Shlok and Astha come closer? Will their marriage stay against all odds? Will Shlok realize his love for Astha? To get the answers, keep reading this space next week.