Ashish Sharma to play a transgender in his next

MUMBAI: Actor Ashish Sharma, who is currently playing the titular role in Sony TV’s Prithvi Vallabh, has always been fluid in terms of his work. Sharma, in his eight-year long journey, has played variety of roles. A gangster, a God, an army officer, a casanova, a historical officer and even himself, Ashish has played them all. Joining the list would be his upcoming project where he is playing a transgender. As he aptly said that he is currently in a space where he can experiment and do what he believes in.

With the zest of experimentation and the yearning of narrating a heartfelt story, Ashish will be seen playing a eunuch on the big screen in a film titled Khejdi. Interestingly, the actor, who is known for his charismatic mien, is also a prolific writer and has penned for the film.

In an exclusive conversation with business cash, the actor confirmed the news and said, “I won’t be able to tell you much about the character. But yeah, I’m playing the titular character. I’m Khejdi.”

The macho actor was never cynical about playing a transgender. It is said by some people that when male actors play any character from the LGBT community, their masculine image is hampered. “I also have a perception that I’ve built in 10 years,” he laughs off.

“I was not sceptical at all. That’s not my criteria to look for work. Right now I’m in a space where I want to enjoy my work. Now I want the world to see the kind of work I want to be part of and how well I can pull them off. I want to part of stories and projects like these,” he explains, adding, “It was fun.”

His wife Archana Taide, who also wrote the script and is the producer of the film, had no inhibitions regarding her husband playing a transgender. “Archana convinced me, that this is something I should do,” he reveals.

Best wishes for the film, Ashish!

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