Ashish Chowdhry’s daredevil stunt for TV show

Actor Ashish Chowdhry was suspended from a harness from atop a 21-storey building for his upcoming TV show “Dev Anand”.

“I have done many stunts in my career, but this has been the craziest one ever. The scene in question required me to be suspended from atop a 21-storey building for a five-minute scene. I had to be suspended from that height for four hours continuously,” Ashish said in a statement.

“I thought that was a better option because going up and coming back to being suspended was a mentally taxing option. It was a glass building and even holding on to a pipe, balcony or window in case of a mishap was not an option.

“Hanging on a harness for a long period also takes a toll on your body as the entire body tends to go numb because the blood flow is hampered momentarily. The creative team ensured me that the stunt would be performed under strict supervision, yet when you know there’s no coming back in case anything goes wrong, the process makes you vulnerable,” he added.

“Dev Anand” will be aired on Colors starting July 29.

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