Ashi Singh is using SELF MOTIVATION to do ‘THIS’

Ashi Singh is definitely missed for her stint in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai on Sony TV.

Playing the part of Naina, a girl from the 90’s era, it showcased her love story with Sameer (Randeep Raii). How the two fell in love, got married and became a couple, faced highs and lows in life together and lived happily ever after, the show was a visual delight.

The show has gone off air and the makers promised to be back with a season 2. However, Ashi won’t be a part of the second season and we all hope to see her in a new TV show soon.

Now that everyone including Ashi are quarantined, the girl seems to be working on her body and shedding extra calories.

Ashi took to Instagram to share how she is working out and pushing herself to exercise.

Keep reading this space for more information.

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