Anupamaa fame Anagha Bhosale worried for her parents’ wellbeing while being away shooting in Gujarat

Like many TV actors, Anagha Bhosale has moved to another city for her shoot. Anagha, who is currently seen playing the character Nandini in Anupamaa, is shooting in Vapi, away from her family. In a quick chat, she spoke to us about the challenges of working during the pandemic.Anagha said, “it is difficult to stay away from your family, but we are all managing to do it now.”

Travelling to another city is not easy, she admits. “Initially it brings in some freshness because you are spending time outdoor. It’s a new location and is fun in the beginning, but all that lasts only for a while. Being away from your family is what makes it difficult. You know your parents are alone in Mumbai and there is nobody with them, especially in thw current scenario.”

Anagha says she misses her parents a lot and so makes it a point to call them after every meal. “It was difficult for me when I got to know that my dad had tested positive; he is a diabetic and I was worried for him. Dad is fine now and he’s recovering well.”While she may be stressed about her parents and their health, she is happy to be currently staying with a unit which is also like her family. ‘It’s always good to be a part of a team like this. It’s all safe here and we are taking all the necessary precautions.”

So how does she calm herself down in these pandemic times? “I’m a Krishna bhakt and just listening to his songs or reading about him gives me positivity. Chanting God’s name is all you need and trust me you will feel good. I remember I couldn’t sleep one day, my call time was 7 am but I woke up at 3 am. I had nothing to do and I couldn’t sleep, so I heard the peaceful flute music, and it gave me so much peace. This is what I do, and I suggest others should do it too,” she said.

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