Anshu and Jasmeet’s marriage to happen soon; Naitik and Akshara revive their old good days in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Akshara comes to the temple and sees Devyaani alone and upset. She asks her did she meet Naman and Muskaan. Devyaani says yes, they met and just left with their dad. Devyaani asks her why is she here. Akshara says I did not come here alone, everyone is here. Bhabhimaa, Naitik, Bau ji and Naksh also come there. Akshara says we all have come, to support you in this big decision of your life. Bau ji says come with us fast, else it will be very late. Devyaani goes with them to the airport. Naman and Muskaan confront Suresh about what he did with Devyaani at the temple. Suresh says you don’t have any option than to come with me.

They meet Singhanias at the airport. Suresh is shocked and scolds Devyaani for not leaving his children. Bau ji says we came here to do justice. Suresh asks what. Bau ji says you can’t take them from here, as Devyaani also has equal rights on them. Akshara says now they have grown up and can take their decision. Suresh says what right, did she do any duty, she did not give them food. Akshara says who told you this, she is Singhania family bahu, and so we have thought to give a project to Naman in our company. She says Devyaani has no financial problem so she can take care of her children very well.

Naman and Muskaan get glad and tell Suresh that they will choose Devyaani over him. They leave him and go with the Singhanias. Devyaani is worried about Rashmi’s reaction on this. Akshara tells Naitik that she has invited Rashmi and Nandini tonight so that they can tell them about accepting Naman and Muskaan and making them a part of their family. Devyaani comes to Bau ji in their room and touches his feet. H She says I respect you a lot, you got my children and made me very happy, I m very thankful, you gave my self esteem back to me, you are my Lord. Bau ji says we are your family, we did this for humanity.

Devyaani says you all have changed my life, made it better, I did not think I will get such a good husband, big family, and children.She asks him about Rashmi. He says he will manage everything. Rashmi and Nandini come home to meet Akshara. Rashmi taunts Devyaani while everyone support her. Rashmi gets furious. She asks Bau ji to choose between her or Devyaani’s kids. Rashmi says if they stay here, I will never come in this house. Rashmi blames Akshara for all this, as she brought Devyaani in this house.

Akshara is hurt by her words. Rashmi leaves in anger. Bau ji tells Devyaani not to worry. Everyone decide to get Anshu and Jasmeet married and the wedding bells are soon to happen. Anshu at first refuses to marry being afraid of the responsibilities that will come with the marriage, but later everyone explains him and he agrees. They start doing the arrangements, like buying clothes, jewellery, selecting invitation cars, inviting people, choosing the engagement ring and so on. Akshara and Naitik have a talk.

He is annoyed with Rashmi as she overreacted, He says even Maa is ours, no one lost their temper like Rashmi, all of us lost Maa. Akshara calms him down. Akshara goes to meet her parents for doing the arrangements. She selects the card and spends the day. Rajshri asks her to come tomorrow with her bag and stay here to help them out. Jasmeet’s family selects non veg menu as they are Punjabis but Anshu’s family can’t see non veg, as its against their dharm. This makes the situation tensed. But Akshara talks to everyone and makes them understand that such things will rise up more because of the cross cultural marriage and we have to adjust, we can’t tell them no, their relatives will feel bad.

Vishwamber calls Jasmeet’s dad and agrees for the non veg menu, but only for their relatives in different section. Bhabhimaa tells Akshara to go to her parents’ house as she and Devyaani will manage everything. Akshara says fine, I will go tomorrow.Rajshri calls Bhabhimaa and asks her to send Akshara soon as the need her right now.Akshara goes with Naksh to stay there. Naitik comes home and is annoyed on not finding her. They miss each other a lot and start imagining themselves, dancing, being with each other, having few romantic moments too. Akshara writes a love letter to him, asking him to revive the good old days where he used to come to meet her at her parent’s house by climbing the pipe. Naitik smiles and says your hero will surely come to meet you. Will Anshu and Jasmeet’s marriage have any problem ahead? Keep reading.