Ankit Bhetiwal to enter 'Agnifera'

In the wake of having a noteworthy impact in ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’, Ankit Bhetiwal joins the given of Agnifera a role as Mac on &TV. Ankit who authorizes the character of Mac, the closest companion of Anurag played by Ankit Gera uncovers that he is so eager to have joined the show with such an interesting character. It has been seven days since Ankit joined the cast and has shared how stunning it’s been for him on the sets. He shares how Ankit Gera assisted with minor character help and furthermore how he helped him feel at home on the sets. The show has brought a turn with Ankit Bhetiwal joining the given a role as there are some real bend and turns.

Ankit includes “The team and the on-screen characters have been truly strong however significantly I am thankful to the essayists for thinking of something so remarkable.”

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