Anjali Tatrari: I cannot do saas-bahu drama

Actress Anjali Tatrari, who is currently seen on the sitcom Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii, says when it comes to picking up characters for television, she likes to keep them real and relatable. She avoids roles that are typical.

The actor, who has been part of the show Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, says: “None of the shows that I have been part of have been very ‘TV-like’. My first show Mere Dad ki Dulhan was also not a regressive show. ‘Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii’ is a sitcom, and we hardly have any sitcoms today on TV. I have been very sure of the content that I want to do and I am very specific about the roles that I pick up. I cannot do a saas-bahu drama, I am not convinced about the characters,” she says.

The actress says she always tries to give her characters a realistic look and feel. “In this show I don’t put make-up while sleeping because in real life, too, I don’t sleep that way,” she says.

Anjali adds that all kinds of shows do well on TV.

“TV has different kinds of audiences. Supernatural shows and saas-bahu shows have their audiences. That is why these shows are running. But for my shows, I have always dealt with the kind of audience which doesn’t enjoy this. TV is evolving for sure,” she says.

Talking about her new show, she says: “Just like the name, the show is very interesting. The script is well-written. It is absolutely hilarious. The show revolves around Sargam’s life and how the time 7:30 is not lucky for her,” she says about the Sony TV show.

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