Anjali Priya believes in being the jack of all trades!

Anjali Priya – a casting director turned actor is the true definition of a dabbler and believes that in this time and age being especially adept at any one thing is secondary, every individual should at least learn 2-3 skills that they may or may not use but should learn. The Main Bhi Ardhangini actress has varied facets to her personality which makes every andaaz of her khaas. Anjali is a trained kathak dancer, apart from that she engages herself in learning some belly dancing moves too in between shoots. The actress also loves to sing although she doesn’t consider herself gifted in that department. Nonetheless, that doesn’t keep her from singing. Anjali has also gained some basic training in martial arts and few lessons in sword fighting. She also loves doodling in her free time.

In fact, even the current track on Main Bhi Ardhangini highlights Chitra’s (Anjali Priya) sarvagun sampann traits, which is very relatable to Anjali’s personality in real life. Many might be of the view that focusing on multiple things seem like a weakness instead of an economically viable strength, but not Anjali, the actress says, “You have one life, why not do everything that you love, try and learn everything that peaks your interest be it dance, some novel skill or anything that is probably trending.”

The actress has a list of things that she wants to explore creatively and each time she learns a new thing, she ticks it off her list. Anjali takes two months in a year where she uses that time off to learn something new and exciting. She further added, “Feel free and pursue different things in life this way you learn so many things and at the same time life becomes more exciting.”

As it is rightly said – The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways. Way to go Anjali!

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