Akash calls Puneesh Om Swami of this season!

The latest luxury budget task, Lilliput and Daanav in the Colors’ reality series created a lot of chaos in Bigg Boss 11 house. Housemates left no stone unturned to torture each other in the name of the task. While Bandgi chopped Hina Khan‘s hair, Puneesh Sharma trimmed Luv Tyagi‘s head. Every minute the housemates were taking revenge against during the task.
Well, tonight’s episode will again see the housemates getting into another heated argument over kaal kothari punishment. Bigg Boss announces that contestants have to mutually decide three names as the worst performers of the task. As soon as the announcement will be made, the housemates wil lbegin to pour in their opinions.
Most of the Bigg Boss inmates wil take Bandgi and Puneesh’s name in unison abd term them to be the worst performers of the task. That’s when Bandgi will get out of controland will make it a point to leave the discussion. Later she will be heard stating that it was because of her the team has won the task.
On the other hand, Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani once again get into an ugly fight. Akash Dadlani will suddenly volley all sorts of accusations on Puneesh and will also say that Puneesh is the ‘Om Swami’ this season. This comment will get Puneesh miffed like anything.
Bandgi and Puneesh then head to the garden area. The two of them as usual get into a tell tale of sorts and finally they decide to be resolute on their decision of not going into the jail, come what may! So who will go into the Jail then?

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