Akanksha Puri reacts to Asim and Paras’ fight in the Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 13 is hands down the most successful seasons of the controversial reality show. It has successfully kept the audience engaged with unlimited entertainment.

Recently, during the BB Luxury Budget task, Paras was seen accusing Shefali of pushing him, to which Shefali advised him to take care of his wig first. In an interaction with Times of India, Paras’ girlfriend, Akanksha Puri was seen taking a dig at Asim Riaz for calling him bald. Akanksha said that if they are body shaming a girl then it is wrong, but tell me how fair it is to mock Paras for wearing a wig or calling him ganja. She said that it also comes under body shaming and how can they stoop so low.

However, it should be mentioned here that Paras has shamed many of the other contestants on different occasions: called Shefali old and a cougar, spoke about Asim being poor, and passed a comment on Himanshi’s figure.

Whom do you support in the house?v

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