Aishwarya Khare aka Lakshmi from Bhagya Lakshmi has a special gift for This co-star

MUMBAI : Tvlogist is back with another BTS update from your favorite show. We know how much you adore your favorite RishMi and so, here’s another adorable update from what goes on off camera on the show. The show stars Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare in the lead roles. The characters are played by Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare respectively.

So while Lakshmi and Malishka are poles apart on the show, in real life, they seem to have an amicable bond. Maera Mishra recently shared a picture, thanking Aishwarya Khare for a beautiful phone cover. Maera flaunted the cover in a mirror-selfie.

Check it out!

Meanwhile on the show, we see that RishMi have deep feelings for each other and cannot be separated as they get together as a force to protect each other. However, when Lakshmi was trapped in Malishka’s kidnapping drama and learned of Rishi’s suspicions, she was deeply hurt.

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