Adi marries Ayesha; Avantika disapproves Ayesha as her daughter in law in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Adi looks for Ayesha everywhere and can’t get her. He is relieved as Ayesha calls him to inform that she came to the magazine editor office to get an apology from him. She tells him to go home and she will come soon. Adi comes home and meets the marriage registrar. Sheela tries to stop him and asks him to wait till Avantika comes, but Adi knows once Avantika comes, she won’t let him marry Ayesha. Ayesha comes and sits to do the formalities. Harish receives Avantika from the airport and she drives home herself in speed. She gets caught by traffic police and gets late to reach home. Adi and Ayesha sign the marriage document before Avantika comes. Avantika says I don’t care about this, this marriage will not be accepted.

Avantika says answer me, did you love Pankhudi. Adi says ofcourse I do. She asks you miss her. He says yes. She says have you accepted that she is dead. He says yes. She says no, why are you marrying her, as she looks like Pankhudi. She says you were desperate to marry her. She says you want this face to be infront of you. Adi says Pankhudi and Ayesha are different, no one can take Pankhudi’s place in my life. Nilofer says Adi, I know no one can take Pankhudi’s place in your heart, but I m Ayesha’s mum and will pray for her. Nilofer and Ruksaar leave the city. Nafisa stays back and Rubel asks her to live somewhere else, not the outhouse, as it will be a problem for his and Payal’s marriage.

Nafisa apologizes to him and says my love for you was real. She leaves. Avantika saysI will not accept Ayesha as your wife and my daughter in law. Avantika scolds Ayesha for breaking her family. She says I m scared Sheela’s words can become true. Sheela says give me one month, to kick out Ayesha from this house. Adi brings Ayesha to guest room and says its yours from today. He says I arranged this as you might be not comfortable with me. She sees Pankhudi’s pic and says you don’t worry, Adi will be only yours, I love him, but I know I can’t come between you two, I believe everyone loves you a lot. Nani gives locker access card to Ayesha and Sheela goes against it. She takes the card back from Ayesha.

Nani shouts Sheela. Nani scolds Sheela and says its about equal rights. Sheela says how can you take this decision alone. Nani says I m eldest here. Avantika says end it here. Sheela asks her to be in her limits as she is not the owner of the house. Nani is shocked by this insulting words. Nani cries and Avantika apologizes to her. Nani says she wants to be alone. Sheela changes the locker password to come hard card and forgets it. Ayesha comes to talk to her and hears it. Sheela thinks to get the code from Ayesha, but Ayesha asks her to first apologize to Nani and then she will tell the code. Sheela is worried as Ayesha may also forget it and thus agrees to apologize to Nani.

They are shocked to know Nani left the home. Nani says she is angry and will come back after her anger cools down. Sheela says see Avantika, this is happening because of Ayesha. Avantika says don’t blame her, this happened because of you, she left the house as you insulted her. Adi asks Ayesha not to take tension, as mum is supporting her, don’t feel pressure to get into family issues. Harish tells Adi if he has this ego of not uniting with his dad, then he will also leave this house. Harish also packs the bag and tells Avantika about Adi being annoyed with him. Avantika says its his mistake and Adi’s anger is justified. He says I know its fault, I apologized, but he is not understanding.

She says he went on me, but I know he loves his dad.Rubel is trying well to make Payal happy and give their marriage another chance. Adi and Ayesha have a talk about Pankhudi. He tells her about Pankhudi and her nature, he did not like my beard and wanted me to shave. She says even I don’t like it. Ayesha thinks to shave his beard and does so while he is sleeping. She shaves half of it and Adi is shocked seeing it in mirror in morning. Ayesha says I hope Adi did not wake up, I will go and shave the remaining beard. She comes to his room and sees Adi angry on her. Adi scolds her. How will Adi and Ayesha come closer? Keep reading.