Actresses highlight the importance of Women’s Day

MUMBAI: On the account of International Women’s Day, COLORS’ artists talk about being #Strong&Invincible.

Adaa Khan a.k.aSitaara in COLORS’ Sitaara:“I’m highly inspired by women around me. For me a woman of substance is one who knows how to strongly focus on what she believes in and not what she’s made to believe in, such a woman defines #Strong&Invincible. Just like my character Sitaara, I always fight for the right and chose to live my life on my terms. This Women’s Day I am planning to celebrate it with my crew, make-up artist, my hairdresser, of our show and celebrate womanhood. I have a women crew and I’m proud of that.”

Shilpa Saklania.k.aVrinda in COLORS’ Sitaara: “I truly hope and wish that women be treated with dignity all the time. For us, empowerment comes from within. We must promise ourselves that we will stand up for what’s right and not blindly follow the herd. We need to be our own voice of reason. We all need to be#Strong&Invincible.

Sonali Naik a.k.a Savitri Mai in COLORS’ Gathbandhan: “Women should be proud of who they’re. I play the character of Savitri Mai in Gathbandhan and she’s a strong headed woman who runs the family business, she plays the role of both a mother and a father to her son and also holds her family together. Well, as a strong, dedicated mother, an actor, a daughter, a wife, I know that we women play multiple roles in our lives and that’s not easy. We’re #Strong&Invincibleand will not allow anyone to take us for granted.”

Juhi Parmar aka Sumati from Tantra: “I am a mother, a daughter, a sister and there are so many roles I play. Women’s day is one day to celebrate women but being a woman is not easy! Through my own experiences and as I bring up a daughter, I feel we need to instill the importance of education and independence in our future generations. We need to teach them walk but truly let them aim to fly so that our country can truly compete in the global economy. Where will India be, once all the women in our country step into the work force! #Strong&Invincible.”

Rubina Dilaik aka Saumya from Shakti…AstitvaKeEhsaasKii, “Respecting all women and not trying to pull them down is the need of the hour. If we all decide to stand up and fight injustice, then this will be an equal world quashing all gender-based stereotypes. Every woman is #Strong&Invincible and she has the power to overcome life’s toughest situations with a smile.”

Anushka Sen a.k.a. Manikarnika in KhoobLadi Mardaani Jhansi Ki Rani – “I’m feeling truly empowered in playing the role of Manikarnika and I’m thankful to have been given an opportunity to play this strong, powerful woman. For centuries, women have been objectified but now we have the power to use our voice and to fight age old stereotypes. This Women’s Day, I hope that all set gender stereotypes are shattered, and gender equality prevails. Women are #Strong&Invincible and they need to get their due credit.”

Anuja Sathe a.k.a. Janki in KhoobLadi Mardaani Jhansi Ki Rani – “Having played the role of Janki in COLORS’ KhoobLadi Mardaani Jhansi Ki Rani, I’ve realized the power of a woman’s voice and determination. I strongly feel that no woman, anywhere, should let go of her dreams in order to please society. We’re a gender that is strong and have multiple roles to play. We’re emotional yet sturdy, we balance professional and personal lives with absolute dedication. Women need to support each other in order to grow.”
Smita Bansal (Ammi in Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga)

For me, every day is a Women’s Day as I don’t believe in celebrating only one day for women who are so powerful and strong. However, it is somehow good that this day is celebrated as at least then people take notice of what women do and they thank and appreciate them for that. In my view, though, Women’s Day is a strong day in itself when a message is sent out that women needs to be celebrated.

Women are one of the pillars of the society and people should stop pulling them down. Also, it is often observed that a woman is a woman’s enemy; they are concerned about what the other woman is doing. Rather I think, women should start recognizing their own strengths and everyone can then help empower each other.

Niya Sharma (Sharda in Tenali Rama)

I am the only child to my parents and have been raised in such a manner that I am both a daughter as well as a son to them. I have the ideology that a man and a woman are equal and hence, don’t celebrate one single day for women. According to me, every day can be Women’s Day as women actually are very strong. I get this feeling seeing my mother who is an extremely strong woman and does so much for us.

So, my message to everyone this Women’s Day is that start respecting women. They should not be judged on the basis of what they wear, how they behave or the words they speak. They should be appreciated for who they are.

Akshita Mudgal (Gayatri in Bhakharwadi)

I believe Women’s day is an opportunity to show some appreciation towards the women you love or who play an important role in your life. Especially our mothers do a lot for us and the entire house. They deserves utmost love and appreciation. I always celebrate my Women’s Day with my mom. I and my sister try to give complete rest to our mom that day as she is always running around doing something or the other for everyone.

So, this Women’s Day, I would request everyone to do something special for any woman in their life, whether it is their mother, sister, friend or someone else. Show your respect towards them and make them feel how important role they play in your life.

Shivani Badoni (Funty in Baavle Utaavle)

The love, joy and the warmth that a woman brings in your life is unexplainable and it feels great that we have a special day to celebrate women, who in fact should be celebrated every day. I am extremely close to my mom and usually celebrate his day with her by going out for a movie and lunch, spending some quality time with her. However, since this time I am in Mumbai and she is in Dehradun, I am missing her a lot.

My request to everyone is to celebrate each and every woman in their life for all the happiness they bring into their lives, which they might not realize themselves. Also, I would request every female to celebrate themselves and other women around by complimenting them and making them feel happy.

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