Actor Gaurav Khanna changes look for Virendra's role in Chandrakanta

Performing artist Gaurav Khanna is right now depicting the character of Virendra in the show Chandrakanta and the performer is wearing another search for the character.

At the point when gotten some information about the new look, Gaurav says,”The character requested somebody who looks crude and has severe power so we intentionally did not need a fit rec center physical make-up and Nikhil concluded that he need him to look practical that when he battles with five individuals it ought to resemble that he is battling and beating them. I needed to build up my body weight and began getting that search which is reasonable for a warrior like Virendra and I am cheerful individuals are enjoying it.”

Gaurav additionally adds,”This is my first outfit dramatization ever and I think this is the greatest show on TV at this moment and one of the greatest show in my profession. The surveys I am getting for the initial two scenes are astounding, individuals did not remember me and they were extremely amazed by the way that I am looking altogether different in the show. I developed my whiskers, changed my voice and they see another Gaurav Khanna in this I am exceptionally glad and I am getting an extremely positive criticism for the show.” But how distinctive is to work in an outfit dramatization?


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Gaurav says,” I believe it is difficult to be a piece of the outfit dramatization on the grounds that there is such a great amount to deal with. As an on-screen character you are wearing a shield, swords, wig and riding steeds and bouncing from statures and moving on the ground and furthermore acting so yes it’s not a simple assignment. It’s a monotonous procedure to prepare however then the final product is astounding. Obviously, the show has a great deal of VFX and embellishments and you are taking a shot at the chroma floor where you don’t recognize what the inventive folks will put behind you so you need to envision it without anyone else in your own psyche and act likewise. There are part of details however yes that is the fun and I am upbeat working and taking in another art.”

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