Acting is like tasting a drug; you want more of it once you get into it: Sara Afreen Khan

Pretty and talented actress Sara Afreen Khan, has certainly won a million hearts with her acting skills by portraying the evil Vijaylakshmi on Star Plus’ popular daily Love Ka Hai Intezaar (Alchemy Films).
She is multi-talented in real life too and is keen on exploring new things. She is happy to be loved as a vamp on-screen and had an amazing time working with her co-stars on the show.
digs deep into the very beginnings of Sara’s journey as an actress, her experience with Love Ka Hai Intezaar and more and she shares it all.
Excerpts from the interview –
How has been your journey with Love Ka Hai Intezaar?
It’s been excellent! Unless the cast and crew is not good, your journey can become really ugly because this is like our family we go home just to have our dinner and sleep but the main journey is the place where you shoot and live for a day. It’s been an excellent team of co-actors and production team to work with. We all used to treat each other with so much of respect. It’s a fantastic team that anyone could ask for.
Our sadness is not because the show is shutting but it’s mainly because unfortunately our journey will end here as a team together, which is a fact. We are making the most out of it.
How has been your experience playing Vijaylakshmi, a complete negative role?
I enjoyed it thoroughly. There were so many layers and shades to this character. After the leap, its going to get out and out negative but initially Vijaylakshmi seemed to be a very lovely person who is doing things to protect her family or stand for her rights. I liked the fact that the character had a mystery to it.
So, which shade of the role did you enjoy playing the most?
It has to be the shade before the leap! She has always been loving, smiling, keeping her dignity yet playing her cards well. I found it very interesting. Every villain has been out and out negative which generally doesn’t happen in real life. The people who are negative in real life have no idea that they are negative. They think that whatever they are doing is right. They are thinking totally selfish.
How has it been working with the team?
It has been fantastic! There has always been so much madness on the sets. People around us always used to wonder how we all can hate each other on-screen. How can we play those dark characters on-screen when it’s a complete different story off-screen? We are like mad people on set. Soni (Razdaan) is so young at heart. We had a fun time shooting in Karjat. We used to look forward to our tea time, lunch time and dinner time together. Keith (Sequeira), Soni and I were like a team from day one. These two have been my pillars; my strength. Most of the time Sanjeeda (Sheikh) would not been shooting with me. Sanjeeda is such a prankster on sets and she has played pranks on all of us. We all love each other, we are there for each other and we have always corrected each other where it’s needed. Most of the time actors have insecurities issues but we have just enjoyed here. We were really like a family.
How do you see your journey? Have you got your due as an actor?
Actors are never satisfied. No actor will ever tell you that I am satisfied. They have a head full of creativity and they always look for more. It’s like tasting a drug; once you get into it, you want more of it. You want to take up more and more challenges. Our journey is ongoing and it never ends. Once an actor is always an actor! It’s a journey that never ends.
Are you comfortable going bold on-screen?
No, not at all otherwise I would have done more films after Total Siyapaa.
What’s happening on Bollywood front? Are you keen on taking up Bollywood projects or stick on doing TV series?
I haven’t kept anything limited to TV or films only. whenever, I get a nice script for which my heart will say a yes, for it, I will go ahead with that.
How about taking up reality shows?
I haven’t done any but I would love to. I was in London when I got offers for few reality shows. I wasn’t aware of the reality shows here so I just didn’t jump into it. I want to enjoy doing something nice that will match my morals and values as well.
How do you love to spend your free time? Spending time with your pets?
Absolutely! I share my morning tea and breakfast with my pet parrot and I love the attention that I get from my pets. Even my co-stars on sets keep asking me about my pets and the stories that I post around them on my Instagram. Other than this, I love to watch Netflix and British shows during my free time and also love to travel and explore.
What’s the status of the dispute that happened between you and Jamai Raja’s producer Meenkashi Sagar?
That is still going on and we are fighting for it. We just wanted our producer to communicate with us.
How has life changed after marriage?
Life has changed for good. I used to see married people around and always wonder do things really change after marriage! For me, it’s been a superb journey and I am grateful to God for it. We are friends, passionate lovers, we are crazy and we have same interests. The people, who know us, always feel that we are in the initial stage of dating each other. They don’t feel that we are married.
Any TV actor you would like to work with?
I would love to work with Sushant Singh and Anil Kapoor on TV.
How has the response been from your fans for your role in Love Ka Hai Intezaar?
It has been really good and people have loved me as a vamp, even in Jamai Raja. I was surprised to be loved as a vamp and I am grateful.

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