Tu Mera Hero Watch online Tu Mera Hero (English: You’re My Hero, Hindi: तु मेरा हीरो) is an Indian television soap opera, broadcast worldwide every Mon–Sat at 8:00PM IST on Star Plus channel since 22 December 2014. The show opened with a great TRP of 2.7 and in the next two weeks garnered 2.8 TRPs.

Veera meets Raj and tells him she loves Baldev and can’t see him marrying a wrong girl Simran. Raj refuses to help her as he loves her and will not fail her plan. Jaggi and Billa gets an idea to make Raj tell the truth by making him drunk. They make Raj drink lots of wine and Raj tells everything about him and Simran’s affair. Baldev asks Veera does she not want him to marry Simran, fine, he won’t marry Simran, but he has a condition. He says you will go out and tell Ranvi and family that you want to marry me. He says he will tell them that he has to marry her tomorrow in the mandap, can she do this for him, can she go against Ranvi, does she have courage. Veera cries.

Baldev says would you let me marry her if she was a good girl. He says this is your punishment, I want you to go against Ranvi and tell everyone that you want to marry me, this is the only way to stop my marriage with Simran. Simran taunts Veera saying she will not get Baldev. Veera says there is no need to find who is infront of her. She thinks she can’t do what Baldev is saying, it does not mean she will let Baldev marry Simran. She stops the mehndi designers and tells something. Simran is shocked seeing R written and asks the lady. She says I came to know you call Baldev as Raj. Veera taunts Simran and says about her BF Raj. Simran gets worried. Billa and Jaggi bring Raj in the haldi ceremony.

Raj sees Simran’s mehndi going on and creates a big scene being fully drunk, and tells everyone that Simran is his GF. Everyone is shocked and Simran gets tensed. Simran says he is lying, the truth is he was after me for 5 years and when I did not accept him, he is doing this nonsense. Raj says Simran will be your wife and she will still love me, you will take care of her expenses and she will give money to me, and one day she will take everything from here and run. Raj shows his phone, and it has Simran and Raj’s together pics. Everyone is shocked. Bansuri thanks the guests for coming, and says the marriage is cancelled now, and asks them to go home. Rajveer meets Ranvi and asks about Baldev’s marriage which got broken. Ranvi says sorry, but I can’t force Veera to marry you if she says no.

Rajveer says you will make Veera marry me, the wind direction is changing and a storm will come. Veera and Baldev clear their differences and smile. He says he has to become Baldev asks about transport business. Balwant says its profitable, I m glad that you want to become responsible. Baldev smiles and asks will he guve money for this work. Balwant says yes, I give money for stupid works, won’t I give for this, it’s a good thing. Baldev is glad and asks do you trust me and invest money in my work. Balwant says yes and hugs him. Rajveer comes there and gets angry seeing them together. Veera falls on Baldev and they have an eyelock.

Rajveer says Ranvi won’t make her marry me without her wish and she will not marry me by her wish, this is a big problem, I have to do something. He calls goons and sends them to beat Baldev. Veera and Baldev meet. Few goons beat up Baldev. She shouts Baldev and tries to save him. She calls Jaggi and Billa, and the goons run. Ranvi also comes there. Baldev gets wounded and they rush him to the hospital. Baldev gets well by Veera’s love. The doctor says he believes Veera’s love has much strength. Bansuri thinks about doctor’s words and sees Baldev and Veera together. Veera hugs Baldev. Gunjan asks Ranvi to say if Baldev is not worthy of Veera. Ranvi looks at them. Ranvi goes to meet Baldev and thanks him for saving Veera. Baldev says if anything happened to her, I would have died. Ranvi asks him to take care.

Baldev says he won’t believe, but its true, that he loves Veera more than his life. Baldev comes to Ranvi’s house. Baldev asks Ranvi to bless him and Veera for their marriage, and folds hands to request him to say yes to this relation. Baldev says I spoke to Papa ji about starting transport business and then this incident happened, but now I will start with double energy, he assures him that he will not be ashamed to call him Saala and Jija. Ranvi holds his hand and says yes. Ranvi says everyone is happy, as if they all were waiting for my yes. He cries and says she is not only my sister, she is my daughter too. Baldev thanks him and hugs Veera. What will Rajveer do now? Keep reading.