Saraswatichandra Watch Onlineis an Indian television soap opera currently airing on Star Plus and DD National during weekdays. The series first premiered on February 25, 2013 and is based on the Gujarati novel of the same name by Govardhanram Tripathi. Gautam Rode plays the lead role of Saraswatichandra.

Saraswatichandra Vyas lives in Dubai and is not interested in getting married, but Kumud Sundari Desai has been chosen to be his wife by his father Lakshminandan Vyas. The show’s story revolves around their relationship.
After falling in love with each other, right before they were about to get married, Saras finds out the truth about the death of his mother and gets furious. He calls Kumud and cancels the marriage because he is no longer the rich man she was supposed to marry since he blamed his father for his mother’s suicide and left his house.

Kumud, who was mad about the humiliating situation, gets married to Pramad Dhan Dharmadhikari because her father asked her to, without knowing about him. Pramad turns out to be an alcoholic and tries to threaten Kumud because he was forced to marry her by his father, Buddhi Dhan Dharmadhikari. Alak, Kumud’s sister-in-law gets Saras from the road when he was injured because the local police officer Umesh Solanki took his revenge on him and thus Saras was not able to stop Kumud from getting married to someone she doesn’t love at all.

Saras renames himself Naveenchandra. The story then revolves around Kumud trying to reform Pramad’s alcoholic ways and Saras wanting to help her as he believes it is all his fault. Later, they find out that Pramad is in a relationship with the housemaid, Kalika. Also, they come to know that Kalika is the reason Pramad was making a mess of his life. Kumud’s sister Kusum comes to Kumud’s house and gets to know that Saras is also there. At first, she is not convinced about Saras’s intentions and thinks that he is here to win her back but as time passes she believes him. Saras, Kumud and Kusum try to outsmart Kalika throughout as she is cunning and wants to marry Pramad herself.

The story goes on as Saras wants to help Kumud who doesn’t accept it because of his earlier behaviour. Afterwards, Kumud forgives him when Saras tells her everything that has happened. Kumud goes to her house for some rasam with Pramad. At night, Pramad comes home drunk thus stunning the whole family and asks Kumud about Saras. Kumud is shocked to realize that Pramad knew about Saras. Pramad tells that the inspector told him about it. Kalika suspects the fact that something is going on between Saras and Kumud and tries to create chaos in the house by provoking Pramad to suspect Saras and Kumud’s relationship but this is all sorted out within time.

Things darken for Kumud. She’s chased away from Prabhat’s mansion after one of his mistresses lays her hand on a fragment of her former lover’s letters. This gives Prabhat the pretext he’s been looking for: she must go back to her mother. The blackmail works well, because if she says he’s been unfaithful, he shows the letter to everyone. Nevertheless her dignified attitude has earned her the friendship of women in her in-laws’ household, and they reveal to Prabhat’s parents that he has chased his wife out of lust and selfishness.

These chase him away and he vows he will die (he does die, strangely enough, because such a weak character would hardly have the resolve). Kumud takes advantage of a halt on her way back, and tries to drown in the river. But she doesn’t die, and is retrieved by some holy women on the bank. They take her to the same temple where Saraswati is trying to atone for his sins. So they meet again!