Diya Aur Baati Hum Watch Online is an Indian television soap opera on the Star Plus channel. It stared 29 August 2011 and stars Anas Rashid and Deepika Singh as the main protagonists.

This show is formally released in Hindi and is known as Diya Aur Bati Hum on Star Plus. It is also dubbed in Tamil and known as En Kanavan En Thozhan and in Telugu known as Ee Tharam Illalu. The series is also remade inMalayalam as Parasparam on Asianet, in Bangla as Tomay Amay Mile on Star Jalsha and in Kannada as Akashadeepa on Asianet Suvarna. It also airs on Pakistan’s Urdu channel Urdu 1. The old episodes are also aired on STAR Utsav. The serial drama is also dubbed in Sinhala in Sri Lanka on Sirasa TV channel using the name Swapna. It also airs in Romania on Naţional TV as Destine Implinite.

Diya Aur Baati Hum is the story of Sandhya’s struggles, as she dreams of becoming an Indian Police Service officer. She dreams to break the boundaries of her confined existence of middle class values. The story is also about Suraj, who is a self-made man. Suraj owns a famous sweet shop near his house.

Suraj and Sandhya get married under strained circumstances. Sandhya is not able to finish her graduation. Soon she is part of the family she does not know. In this family she struggles with her strict mother-in-law who does not accept that her daughter-in-law could become a police officer. The story shows how a husband becomes his wife’s strength and helps her to fulfil her dream. Now Sandhya is going for her training sessions. At first Bhabho, Suraj’s mother, agreed to the training but now she doesn’t want Sandhya to go as she realized that Sandhya could be posted anywhere in India.

Later Sooraj sees the divorce paper given by Preethi and thinks that Sandhya wants a divorce.He decides to give divorce and he behaves rude with Sandhya without any reason.Meanwhile Chavi,Sooraj’s sister worries about marrying a village boy and decides to marry Dilip who loves her. Dilip and his mother visits Rathi family with a marriage proposal for Chhavi.Though Santhosh doesn’t agree in beginning Sooraj convinces him.After Chhavi’s engagement, Sooraj plans to end his marriage.Meenakshi tries to stop the engagement as she wants her sister to get married to Dilip.But her plan backfires when she tries to hurt Chhavi.Sandhya is concerned about Chhavi’s graduation. She tells Santosh to postpone Chhavi’s marriage till her graduation.Chhavi and Dilip get engaged.

Dilip’s mother tells Santosh to fix the wedding date after Chhavi completes her college graduation. Santosh blames Sandhya for the postponement. Sandhya denies Santosh’s accusation.But Santosh does not believe her. Sooraj doesn’t support Sandhya, instead he tells her to admit her mistake and ask Santosh for forgiveness.Sooraj blames Sandhya for Chhavi’s postponed wedding as well as accuses her of being jealous of Chhavi’s happiness.Sandhya denies the accusation but Sooraj still doesn’t believe her and calls her a liar. He confides her with the divorce paper. Sandhya tries to talk to Sooraj. Instead, he packs her bags and orders her to leave his house. Sandhya agrees to leave the house. Bhabasa blames Santosh for their conflict.

Sandhya leaves the house though chotu and chaturi stops her.Sandhya decides to stay in Preethi’s place.Sooraj helps Sandhya board the bus.Sooraj board in the bus without knowing to Sandhya.The bus meets with an accident. Sooraj panics and searches for Sandhya in the crowd.Sooraj finds her and is relieved to see her alive. He hugs her and confesses the reason behind sending her away.
Anas Rashid Role:Suraj Rathi

A noble, good looking and sensitive guy who is in his early thirties. He has been a provider to his family from an early age, hence, he discontinued his studies after passing tenth. He runs a sweet shop and has learnt the tricks of the trade. He is a sweet talker and a well behaved person. He is simple mind with a mind like an open book.
Deepika Singh Role:Sandhya Suraj Rathi

Sandhya is a 19-year-old outspoken girl who belongs to a middle class family in Pushkar. She aspires to become an IPS officer and eventually a collector. Sandhyas dream is an important part of her character but she does not carry it on her shoulder all the time. She is a fun, spirited young girl who aspires for the sky!