Meri Bhabhi Watch OnlineEk Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi…Meri Bhabhi or Meri Bhabhi is an Indian television soap opera which airs on Star Plus weekdays. The show premiered on June 17, 2013. The show outlines the bond of love between the nanad and bhabhi of the Shergill family. The show was originally titled as Sher Dil Shergill, but later changed its name.

It is the story about Shraddha (Kanchi Kaul), who is trying to figure out her life after her divorce from her husband, Bobby (Bharat Chawda ). Her daily life becomes difficult as she fights the society who continuously tries to remind of her the mishappenings in the past, with the help of her very loving and supportive family, especially her sister-in-law, Kritika Shergill (Esha Kanara). Shraddha has a six years old son, Dhruv Shergill, and making him understand the situation is another challenge for Shraddha. However, after several hardships, Shraddha manages to get divorce from Bobby. Things changed with the arrival of Kunal (Ravish Desai), Kritika’s brother, and gradually, Shraddha and Kunal come closer.

The serial is continuing with the persistent efforts of Kunal’s and Kritika’s mother, Kamini (Shweta Gautam) to put Shraddha and Kunal away as she is under the impression that Shraddha is trying to steal Kunal away from her. When Shraddha realize that Kunal likes her she thinks that its not too late to begin a new life and love someone. Both of them are trying to tackle the obstacles like family, societal views. Kunal and Shraddha decide to elope with Kittu’s help but their families reach on the spot and Zorawar asks Shraddha to either go to Kunal or come to him. Shraddha leaving Kunal heartbroken will go to her father which further worsen’s Anand and Kittu’s relationship as Anand decides to break all ties with Kittu. Kunal has also lost trust on Shraddha. Kittu will decide to go home only if she gains back the trust and respect for herself by Anand.

What happens when your husband’s sister returns home to stay with her family? Do you get concerned that the place you’ve tried to build for yourself in your husband’s home and family will get threatened? Do you feel worried that your in laws will side with their daughter and not the daughter-in-law? Do you worry that there will be constant interference in your space at home? Is this how it will turn out or can there be a better way for a Nanad & Bhabhi relationship?

Television is seen as a reflection of our changing society. As the society evolves, our relationships grow, mindsets change and redefine equations between family members. Star Plus, with its focus on nayi soch, has successfully brought shows that bring a fresh perspective to existing relationships. The Nanad-Bhabhi relationship is usually marred by some amount of mistrust, hesitation and gossip in the conventional Indian family.

Meri Bhabhi is set around the Shergill family who reside in Delhi and the lead characters are Kritika Shergill (Bhabhi played by Esha Kansara) and Shraddha Shergill Sood (Nanad played by Kanchi Kaul). The Shergill household is headed by Zorawar Shergill (played by Kawaljeet Singh) and Amrit Shergill (played by Supriya Pilgaonkar). The story showcases the dutiful bond between Kritika and Shraddha and how Kritika takes immense care of Shraddha and makes it her responsibility to resurrect Shraddha back to life after her failed marriage. The show which has a typical Punjabi flavor is supposed to have a little bit of army background.