Arjun Watch Online is an Indian action crime fiction TV series which premiered on Star Plus on August 11, 2012. It airs on Saturday and Sunday night.

Season 1 Arjun is about a rebellious cop, Arjun Suryakant Rawte. He is transferred to Emergency Task Force (ETF) that solves cases linked to high profile individuals. The crime fiction revolves around the dark past that haunts Arjun-the brutal killing of his wife Roshni, as well the personal lives and equations of Arjun, Sameer, Aisha, Chhotu, Shree as well as Riya who was an integral part of ETF before sacrificing her life for the country.

The show deals with real life crimes such as human trafficking, organ trade, kidnapping, murder, honor killing, superstition. In the episode on 7 December 2013, entire ETF team, except Arjun, is killed in a bomb explosion. Season 2 Karan aka Robin Hudda ( Rohit Purohit ) is an ally of Arjun. A techno savvy kid ( Shruti Bisht ) and an stage artist ( Sheena Bajaj ) join the cast.

Star Plus is planning to strengthen its position on the weekend programs. As a part of the strategy its new offering Arjun will start from 11th August. The serial will focus on police investigation and promises lot of action and thriller The Show Arjun will be bi-weekly(saturday and sunday) shaleen malhotra who was part of roadies and sana khan who is remembered as lavanya of IPKKND will pay the lead in the serial,Arjun will have short series.The first series will bases on women trafficking.

Arjun is about a rebellious cop with an attitude, Arjun Raute. He becomes a part of Emergency Task Force (ETF) and solves mysterious crime investigative cases, which no one else can. But he doesn’t hesitate to break any rules of the system and only believes in solving the crimes and helping the victims or affected families.

Arjun has earned a bad name for himself in the department and is thought to be the most unlikely candidate to head the ETF. But his ability to solve the case, his skill and technique is uncomparable and so he has been chosen. He is accompanied by an equally capable ETF team and together they will help fight crime and criminals.

Shaleen Malhotra Role:Arjun
Arjun Suryakant Raute is good-looking with a tough, no-nonsense exterior. He is a cop with brilliant analytical skills; Arjun would be a perfect police officer if not for his short temper and zero-tolerant attitude towards criminals, which often makes him cross the line, followed by his non-adherence to rules and violent reputation. The brutal murder of his wife right before his eyes changed him. Haunted by this Arjun now lives a reclusive, secretive, and enigmatic life. He is a true son of the soil.