Shubhangi Atre reacts to the ban on Chinese apps

Recently, the government banned 59 Chinese mobile applications amid border tensions. Many actresses lauded this move and are happy with the decision.

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain actress Shubhangi Atre has already uninstalled many such Chinese apps from her phone. The actress who enjoyed the video-sharing platform a lot and had around 1 million of followers had deleted her account even before the government’s decision.

She said, “It was our responsibility to uninstall such app even before the govt. bans. It was our duty and loyalty towards our nation… I’m proud that I did it.”

Elaborating further she added, “If any nation attacks our country or tries to disturb our peace. It’s our duty to show togetherness when our army is fighting for our security. We also need to understand our duty towards our nation. We need to respect how they are risking their lives for us.”

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